American Cheese Vs Cheddar Cheese: Uncovering The Differences

Cheese is one of the most ubiquitous foods in the world, enjoying popularity among cultures across continents. Whether it be part of a meal, snack, or ingredient for another dish — cheese has become an essential drop from specialty stores to grocery aisles alike. With so many varieties appearing in these spots though, it can be hard to tell them apart and make sense of what type goes best with each recipe or application. So let’s start off by taking a closer look at two types that are found commonly: American cheese and Cheddar Cheese.

How does their flavor differ? What kind of recipes benefit from either one? We’ll answer these questions and more as we dive deeper into the American vs Cheddar cheese debate!

What Is American Cheese?

American Cheese
American Cheese Slices

American cheese, a beloved and widely consumed cheese in the United States, is a processed cheese product that boasts a rich history and versatile use. This popular cheese is carefully crafted from a combination of milk, emulsifiers, and food coloring to achieve its distinct characteristics. Renowned for its exceptional melting capabilities and mild flavor, American cheese has found its way into countless iconic American dishes, such as burgers, sandwiches, and the beloved grilled cheese sandwich.

Interestingly, despite its name, American cheese actually traces its origins back to Europe. In the early 1900s, two innovative individuals, Walter Gerber and Fritz Stettler, devised this cheese as a means to preserve dairy products for military use during the challenging times of World War I. The ingenuity behind American cheese lies in its ability to provide a convenient and affordable source of nutrition, which played a crucial role in sustaining soldiers during World War II.

The popularity of American cheese skyrocketed in the early 20th century, capturing the hearts and taste buds of Americans nationwide. It quickly became a household staple, finding its way onto kitchen tables across the country. Today, American cheese is readily available in various forms, including slices, blocks, and shreds, ensuring its accessibility and versatility in a wide array of culinary creations. From classic cheeseburgers to comforting grilled cheese sandwiches, American cheese continues to hold a special place in the hearts and palates of cheese enthusiasts everywhere.

Nutrition Facts Of American Cheese

American cheese is full of essential nutrients and vitamins, making it a healthy addition to any diet. A single slice of American cheese contains approximately 90 calories, five grams of protein, seven grams of fat, nine percent calcium, and four percent iron — providing important building blocks for the body. Additionally, American cheese is rich in phosphorus — an important mineral used by the bodyin various metabolic processes.

What Is Cheddar Cheese?

Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is a type of hard cheese, originating from the English village of Cheddar. This iconic cheese has become popular worldwide due to its savory flavor and sharp tangy taste. The history of cheddar cheese dates back to 1170 AD when it was first stored in large caves near the village of Cheddar in Somerset, England. As time passed,the popularity of cheddar cheese spread throughout the United Kingdom and eventually found its way to North America in the early 1800s.

Like American cheese, cheddar cheese is also made with a combination of milk, emulsifiers, and food coloring. However, the unique flavor and texture of cheddar cheese is achieved through a process known as ‘cheddaring’, where the curds are cut into blocks, piled onto of one another, and pressed for long periods of time. This process gives cheddar cheese its distinct flavor and texture and makes it an ideal choice for snacking, grating, and cooking.

Nutrition Facts Of Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is an excellent source of essential nutrients, including protein, calcium and vitamins A & B. A single serving contains approximately 110 calories, seven grams of fat (of which four are saturated fats), 25 percent of daily calcium needs and 14 percent of daily vitamin B-12 requirements. Additionally, cheddar cheese is a good source of phosphorus — another important mineral used by thebody for a variety of metabolic processes.

Similarities Of American Cheese Vs Cheddar Cheese

American cheese and cheddar cheese share a few similarities.

One similarity is that both American cheese and cheddar cheese are made from cow’s milk. This means that they share a similar base ingredient, which contributes to their creamy and rich flavor profiles. Additionally, both cheeses undergo a similar aging process, although the length of aging can vary for cheddar cheese depending on the desired flavor. This aging process helps to develop the distinct taste and texture of both American and cheddar cheese.

Another similarity between American cheese and cheddar cheese is their versatility in cooking. Both cheeses can be easily melted, making them ideal for use in a variety of dishes. Whether it’s a classic grilled cheese sandwich or a creamy macaroni and cheese, both American and cheddar cheese can be used to create delicious and satisfying meals. Furthermore, both cheeses can also be used as toppings for burgers, tacos, and other savory dishes. Their meltability and ability to enhance the flavors of other ingredients make them go-to choices for many chefs and home cooks.

Lastly, both American cheese and cheddar cheese are widely available and accessible to consumers. They can be found in most grocery stores, making it easy for individuals to incorporate them into their meals. Whether it’s sliced American cheese for a quick sandwich or a block of cheddar cheese for snacking or grating, these cheeses are readily available options for people of all backgrounds.

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American Cheese Vs. Cheddar Cheese: What Is The Difference?

Simple Comparison table for American and Cheddar cheeses
American Cheese Cheddar Cheese
Origin International England
Taste Mild Tangy, sharp
Texture Soft, creamy Crumbly, firm
Cooking & Melting Easily melts Holds shap
Nutritional Value Lower Higher
Cost More affordable More expensive
Popular Uses Sandwiches, burgers, macaroni and cheese Grilled dishes, casseroles, salads

Differences In Origin

The primary difference between American cheese and cheddar cheese is their origin. While American cheese was invented in the early 1900s, its roots can be traced back to Europe, making it a relatively new type of cheese. Cheddar cheese, on the other hand, has been around since the 12th century — originating from the village of Cheddar in England. This makesit an older cheese with a longer history, often referred to as one of the most popular cheeses in the world.

Differences In Ingredients And Production Process

American cheese is made with a combination of natural cheese and other ingredients, such as emulsifiers, oils, and preservatives — giving it a soft texture and mild flavor. Cheddar cheese is created using pure cow’s milk and bacterial cultures, which is then aged for several months to achieve its signature sharp flavor profile. Both cheeses have different production processes which contributeto their distinct properties — including flavor, texture, and meltability.

Differences In Aging Time

The aging process can also vary between American cheese and cheddar cheese. While American cheese undergoes a minimal amount of aging, typically for a few weeks, resulting in its mild and creamy flavor, cheddar cheese is aged for several months, allowing it to develop a rich and robust taste with distinct sharpness and tanginess.

The length of time that cheddar is aged can further influence its flavor profile, ranging from a milder, more buttery taste in younger cheddars to an intense, crumbly texture and pronounced sharpness in extra sharp cheddars. In fact, some cheesemakers even choose to age cheddar for up to two years, allowing the flavors to deepen and mature, resulting in an exceptionally bold and complex extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Differences In Taste And Texture

The differences in origin, ingredients, and aging time also affect the taste and texture of both American cheese and cheddar cheese. American cheese has a mild flavor that can be slightly sweet or salty depending on the type being used. It is soft, creamy, and easily melts when heated — making it ideal for use in sandwiches, burgers, and grilled dishes. Cheddarhas a sharp, tangy taste that intensifies with aging. Its texture is firmer than American cheese and can range from crumbly to firm, depending on its age. Cheddar also melts when heated, which allows it to be used in omelets, sauces, and casseroles for added flavor and creaminess.

Differences In Cooking And Melting Properties

The cooking and melting properties of American cheese and cheddar cheese differ significantly. While both cheeses have the ability to melt, their melting points exhibit slight variations. American cheese, with its lower melting point, easily spreads and melts into dishes, making it ideal for achieving a smooth and consistent texture.

On the other hand, cheddar cheese has a higher melting point, which allows it to maintain its shape while also imparting a rich creaminess and enhanced flavor to dishes. This characteristic makes cheddar cheese perfect for recipes that require the cheese to retain its original form, such as the classic comfort food, macaroni and cheese.

Nutritional Differences Between American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

As with any food, the nutritional value of American cheese and cheddar cheese can vary greatly. However, both cheeses are generally considered to be good sources of protein, calcium, fat, and sodium — although cheddar contains slightly more nutrients than American cheese due to its longer aging process. While American cheese is typically fortified with additional vitamins and minerals to increase its nutrient content, cheddar cheese contains more antioxidants. Ultimately, the nutritional value of each cheese will depend on the type being used and how it is prepared.

Cost comparison Of American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

When it comes to cost, there are clear distinctions between American cheese and cheddar cheese. Generally speaking, American cheese is more affordable than cheddar because it is typically mass-produced in large quantities. This is due to its shorter aging process and the fact that it’s made with fewer ingredients. However, depending on where you purchase it, cheddar can also be less expensive. But if you’re looking for exceptional taste and flavor, cheddar cheese is the better option. Its rich and robust flavor profile, developed through a longer aging process, adds a depth of complexity that sets it apart.

Popular Uses And Recipes For American Cheese

American cheese is a versatile option for adding flavor and creaminess to dishes. Its mild taste pairs well with savory ingredients like bacon, ham, and tomatoes, making it an ideal choice for breakfast sandwiches or omelets. It can also be melted over burgers or used in grilled dishes such as grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas. Furthermore, its creamy texture makes it perfect for classic macaroni and cheese recipes — adding a smooth and velvety finish to the dish.

Popular Uses And Recipes For Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is a popular ingredient in many dishes, providing both flavor and texture. It’s great for topping salads, tacos, or chili as it adds a sharpness that enhances the overall taste of the dish. It can also be used in casseroles and sauces to give them a rich, creamy finish. Cheddar is also commonly used in classic comfort dishes such as macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and nachos for an added depth of flavor. Additionally, its firm texture makes it ideal for slicing or shreddingso it can be used in salads, omelets, and other dishes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using cheddar cheese!

Is Cheddar More Popular Than American Cheese?

Cheddar cheese is often considered to be more popular than American cheese due to its robust flavor, texture, and meltability. Its longer aging process gives it a sharpness that sets it apart from other cheeses — making it an ideal choice for adding distinct flavor to dishes. With its versatility, cheddar can be used in a variety of recipes ranging from classic comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, to salads, tacos, and chili.

American cheese is a milder option that offers its own unique taste and texture — making it popular for its ability to melt easily in dishes without overpowering the flavor of other ingredients. Ultimately, whether you choose cheddar or American cheese will depend on your preferences and what type of dish you are making.

Verdict: Which Cheese Is Better?

The truth is, it’s impossible to definitively say which cheese is better. Both American and cheddar cheeses offer their own unique flavor profiles and textures — making them ideal for different types of recipes. Depending on the dish you are making, either cheese could be a great option to include in your meal. So if you’re looking for something with a milder taste and creamy texture, American cheese could be the perfect choice. If you want something with a more robust flavor and firmer texture, cheddar cheese might be just what you need. Ultimately, the decision of which cheese to use is up to you!

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Between American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

When it comes to choosing between American cheese and cheddar cheese, there are several factors to consider before making a decision. Both types of cheese have their own unique characteristics and flavors, so it’s important to understand these differences before making a choice.

One of the main factors to consider is the taste and texture of the cheese. American cheese is known for its mild flavor and smooth, creamy texture, while cheddar cheese has a sharper, more pronounced flavor and a crumbly texture. Depending on your personal preferences and the dish you are preparing, one type of cheese may be more suitable than the other.

Another factor to consider is the melting properties of the cheese. American cheese has a high melting point, making it ideal for melting over burgers or in grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheddar cheese, on the other hand, has a lower melting point, which makes it perfect for macaroni and cheese or melted on top of baked potatoes. If you are planning to use the cheese for melting purposes, it’s important to choose the type that will melt evenly and create a smooth, creamy consistency.

The origin of the cheese is also something to consider. American cheese is a processed cheese made from a blend of different cheeses, while cheddar cheese is a natural cheese that originated in England. Some people prefer the authenticity and traditional methods of cheddar cheese production, while others enjoy the consistency and convenience of American cheese.

Lastly, cost can also be a factor in choosing between American cheese and cheddar cheese. American cheese tends to be less expensive than cheddar cheese, which can make it a more budget-friendly option. However, it’s important to consider the quality and flavor of the cheese when making a decision based on cost alone.

Can You Substitute American Cheese With Cheddar?

When it comes to substituting American cheese with cheddar, the answer is a resounding yes. American cheese and cheddar are both popular types of cheese that can be used in a variety of dishes. While American cheese is known for its creamy and mild flavor, cheddar cheese has a sharper and more pronounced taste. This difference in flavor can add a new dimension to your dishes when using cheddar as a substitute.

In terms of texture, American cheese is known for its smooth and meltability, making it a popular choice for burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheddar, on the other hand, has a firmer texture, which can result in a more crumbly and distinct mouthfeel. However, this can be easily compensated for by grating or slicing the cheddar cheese before using it as a substitute for American cheese.

When it comes to cooking, both American cheese and cheddar can be used interchangeably in many recipes. Whether you’re making mac and cheese, quiches, or casseroles, substituting American cheese with cheddar will not only alter the flavor but also enhance it. Cheddar’s more intense taste can add depth to your dishes, giving them a richer and more complex flavor profile.

It’s important to note that while you can substitute American cheese with cheddar in most recipes, there may be some instances where the texture or melting properties of the two cheeses may differ. In these cases, it may be necessary to make some adjustments to achieve the desired result. However, with a little experimentation and creativity, substituting American cheese with cheddar can open up a world of new flavors and possibilities in your cooking.

Health Considerations And Controversies Surrounding American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

When it comes to health considerations, American cheese and cheddar cheese are two very different products. American cheese is a processed food product made from various dairy ingredients and additives, while cheddar cheese is a more natural product created with milk and bacteria cultures.

Processed foods such as American cheese have been linked to a number of health risks, including an increased risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Cheddar cheese, on the other hand, has been found to contain beneficial nutrients such as protein, calcium, and vitamin A.

Another controversy surrounding American cheese is its use of artificial dyes and preservatives. Many food manufacturers add these ingredients to give their products a more appealing appearance or flavor. However, this can lead to potential health risks, such as allergic reactions and even cancer in some cases. Cheddar cheese, on the other hand, does not contain any of these additives or dyes.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between American cheese and cheddar cheese, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each product before making a decision. While American cheese can beconvenient and budget friendly, there are potential health risks that must be taken into consideration when using it in recipes.

Cheddar cheese, on the other hand, is a more natural option with fewer additives and preservatives. It also contains beneficial nutrients such as protein and calcium. Although cheddar cheese may cost a bit more than American cheese, it can add flavor and texture toyour recipes without compromising your health.

Some Recipes With  American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

Chicken Burger with Cheddar Cheese
Chicken Burger with Cheddar Cheese

Regardless of which type of cheese you decide to use, there are plenty of delicious recipes that can be created with American cheese and cheddar cheese. Here are some ideas for dishes you can make with either type of cheese:

  • Macaroni and Cheese: A classic comfort food dish that is creamy and cheesy, macaroni and cheese is a favorite among kids and adults alike. For a classic version, use cheddar cheese for its sharp flavor and smooth texture.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Create the perfect grilled cheese sandwich with American cheese for its high melting properties, or go for something a little different by adding some shredded cheddar cheese into the mix.
  • Baked Potatoes: Top off your potato with some cheese for extra flavor and creaminess. American cheese will melt nicely and create a smooth consistency, while cheddar adds a sharp taste to the mix.
  • Quiche: A quiche is a great option for breakfast or brunch, made even better with some melty American cheese or crumbly cheddar cheese.
  • Cheese Fondue: For a fun and interactive dinner, create a cheese fondue with your favorite type of cheese. Both American and cheddar cheese will work well in this dish.

These are just a few ideas for dishes you can make with American cheese and cheddar cheese. Whichever type of cheese you choose, your dish is sure to be a hit!

Best Substitutes For American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

When it comes to finding the best substitutes for American cheese and cheddar cheese, there are a few options that can provide similar flavors and textures.

One popular substitute is Monterey Jack cheese, which shares a mild and creamy taste with both American and cheddar cheese. This cheese is known for its smooth melting properties, making it a great choice for sandwiches, burgers, and grilled cheese. Another option is Colby cheese, which is similar to cheddar but has a milder flavor. It melts well and can be used in a variety of dishes.

For those looking for a non-dairy substitute, there are several options available as well. One popular choice is vegan cheese, which is made from plant-based ingredients such as nuts or soy. These cheeses often have a similar texture to traditional cheese and can be used in recipes that call for American or cheddar cheese. Some brands even offer vegan versions of specific types of cheese, such as American style slices or shredded cheddar.

In addition to these options, there are also other types of cheeses that can be used as substitutes for American and cheddar cheese. For example, Swiss cheese can provide a similar mild and nutty flavor to cheddar, while provolone cheese can offer a creamy texture and slightly tangy taste that is reminiscent of American cheese. Other options include Gouda, Havarti, or even mozzarella cheese, depending on the specific flavor profile desired.

FAQs About American Cheese And Cheddar Cheese

Is American cheese healthier than cheddar cheese?

No, American cheese is a processed food product that contains additives and preservatives, while cheddar cheese is a more natural product made from milk and bacteria cultures. Although cheddar contains beneficial nutrients such as protein and calcium, both types of cheeses can be unhealthy when consumed in large amounts.

Can I freeze American cheese and cheddar cheese?

Yes, both American cheese and cheddar cheese can be safely frozen for up to three months. When freezing either type of cheese, it is best to wrap it in an airtight container or plastic wrap to prevent freezer burn. It’s also important to make sure the cheese has cooled completely before placing it in the freezer. After thawing, the cheese may have a softer texture and less flavor than before it was frozen.

How do I store American cheese and cheddar cheese?

American cheese and cheddar cheese should both be stored in airtight bags or containers in the refrigerator for optimal freshness. Cheddar can also be stored at room temperature for shortperiods of time, while American cheese should always be stored in the fridge. Both types of cheese should also be wrapped tightly to keep them from drying out.

Is American cheese a kind of cheddar?

No, American cheese is not a type of cheddar. Although both cheeses are made from cow’s milk, American cheese is processed and contains additives such as emulsifiers and preservatives, while cheddar cheese does not. Cheddar is also aged for longer periods of time than American cheese, which gives it its distinct sharp flavor.

Can I melt American cheese and cheddar cheese together?

Yes, American cheese and cheddar cheese can be melted together in a variety of dishes. Combining the two cheeses will give you a combination of smooth melting properties from the American cheese, along with the sharp flavor of cheddar cheese. This makes it an ideal choice for dishes such as macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, quiche, or fondue.

Can I use American cheese and cheddar cheese interchangeably?

Yes, to some extent you can use American cheese and cheddar cheese interchangeably in recipes. However , it is important to consider the subtle differences in flavor and texture between the two types of cheese when making substitution decisions. For example, American cheese may melt more easily than cheddar cheese or have a sweeter taste, while cheddar may be sharper or provide a crumbly texture.

Is American cheese vegan?

No, American cheese is not vegan because it is made from cow’s milk and contains additives such as emulsifiers. Those looking for vegan cheese substitutes can find a wide variety of options, including nut- or soy-based cheeses that mimic the texture and flavor of traditional cheese.


When it comes down to picking between American cheese and cheddar cheese, the decision is all yours. Many experts suggest that cheddar cheeses typically pack a stronger flavor punch than their American cheese counterparts, but on certain occasions, American cheese can be just as tasty. The differences between the two cheeses lie in texture and flavor, how they are made, fat content, aging process and more. Whatever your preference may be––rich or mild––American or cheddar––experimenting with different brands of both cheeses will provide you with a range of flavors and textures to savor.

Enjoy exploring what makes these two types of cheese different from one another as well as all the delicious dishes that come along with them!


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